Crazy Bartender

Crazy Bartender:

Now Available on the iPhone & iPod Touch!

The most fun you've had drinking, and that's saying something!

The Crazy Bartender makes drink recommendations from a large database including all your favorite cocktails, warmers, frozen drinks, shots and more! You can try completely new drinks by spinning all three "slot-machine" style wheels, or if you want to find something new with your favorite mixer, just lock it in & give the others a whirl!

And in case your real-life bartender doesn't know how to mix your new-found favorite, the Crazy Bartender takes care of that too. Unfortunately, we can't actually mix your drink too.

Of course you don't have to leave everything to chance. You can search the database for drinks with specific ingredients & we track your most recent history for quick recall.

Your favorite Crazy Bartender is now in your pocket!